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A Librarians-and-Necromancy Fantasy Novel with Small Town Charm in a City of the Dead

The others believe in blood and bone. Ree believes in books.

She manages the libraries and draws maps for the denizens of her hometown, a secret society of necromancers hiding in a sprawling underground crypt. Though they look down on her for not practicing their craft, Ree has bigger ambitions than raising the dead. She’s going to resurrect therianthropy, the ancient magic of shapeshifting. Or at least -- she’ll do it if it really exists. And if she can find the books that prove it.

But Smythe, a chatty historian from the world above, stumbles into the crypt and takes a curse meant for Ree. Now she has to find a way to save him, keep the townsfolk off her back, and convince her necromancer parents that shapeshifting is a viable career path.

Ree is certain that if she and Smythe combine their scholarly skill sets, they’ll find the right books to solve their problems. But Ree’s search for power might put the entire town in danger, and her father and the other townsfolk want Smythe dead lest he reveal their home to a world that hates them.


(Length: 100,000 words, the equivalent of 422 paperback pages.)


Buy Now$4.85 USD or more

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I came across this book because it was included in the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality and greatly enjoyed reading it. It was really hard to put away! 

Tombtown, its inhabitants and history are quite an interesting take on places and societies you might encounter in other fantasy fiction. I also appreciated how you approached any topic that yelled "Young Adult Fiction".

I'm looking forward to getting the sequel! Until then, I'm going to check out the short stories set in Tombtown.

Thank you for writing this book and contributing it to the Bundle.


It was my pleasure to contribute it to the Bundle. I'm so glad you enjoyed it and so grateful for this lovely comment! It has honestly made me day. :)

I got this book with the BLM package - I didn't even know itch had books. but WOW. I ADORED this! Ree is a fantastic character! Larry a wonderful pest - the world was interesting, fleshed out (hah) with fascinating journal entries between chapters. I'd love to know more about Ree's life after the end of the book, if you ever intend on doing a sequel!

Thank you so much! Oh, I'm DELIGHTED you enjoyed it -- that's the thing that keeps me writing. I am so grateful to you for this kind comment.

And yes, I am actually writing the sequel right now! Fingers-crossed it will be out this year but ... you know, 2020.

If you'd like more in the mean time, there are a few short stories set in this world, including FAMILIAR & FLAME, which is a novelette following Usther post-BOOKS & BONE, and in which Ree appears again.

Anyway! Thank you for reading it! And thank you for supporting the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality.